Humble Beginnings

Our Story

Back in 1999, a few friends had the idea to start an online business.  Given the fact that we had a strong computer background, they asked us if we could build them a website and as the expression goes, the rest is history.  As word of mouth grew,  year after year we began adding new clients and also new services.  Today, after 14+ years in the business we have developed and designed sites for over 60 clients.

We offer services ranging from web design to graphic design and branding.  Our goal was to become a one-stop shop for individuals and small businesses looking to build the brand at an affordable price.

Our Help

Your Story

We know that starting any new business venture can be scary especially if you are going through it the first time.  It is always nice having someone on your side that has experience with what you are trying to do and someone that can help take a lot of the load off of you so you can focus on the other important tasks.  We understand that not every new business has a large budget and that is why we design websites that grow as you do.  If you feel you are capable of maintaining the site yourself to save a few dollars, great!  We designed each and every site with ease of use in mind.  If you are too busy or don’t feel comfortable making these changes, we can help with the daily activities including posting articles, social media updates and ongoing backups.

It doesn't have to be scary

Our Promise

We promise each and every one of our clients, regardless of their budget, that we will do our best to delivery the best value for their money.  As a small business, we understand that making every dollar stretch is vital to having success.  Our team offers amazing email and telephone support and we ensure that you are comfortable with the end product you receive.  We are completely open to all services that are included with your package and we don’t try and keep you locked in.  Our philosophy has always been to have clients stay because they are happy with our services and not because they are tied into a service.  Web Play Media genuinely cares about our clients and we will continue to bring the best websites for a great price.